Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My faves from Vogue supplement......

Hey there everyone........
Here are my favorite garments, or as my BFFs the British say, gawments. HERE WE GO. >>>
(Oh, and sorry if I seem a little less eloquent than usual, my sadistic physiotherapist Scott made me run for like an hour and then lift 20 kilos on my shoulderblades. It is painful.)


Love everything.. the sophisticated draping and pleating and twisting etc. etc., the wicked cool platforms (see?? I was right! Killer heels and ladylike frocks... in your face, people who didn't believe me! ...Yeah, definitely less eloquent than usual.) Also, although the skirts are nice and short they don't look overtly skanky 'cause of the muted colours. I'll tell you something, those Burberry people are smart as heck.

Like especially the CLASSIC Burberry trench, revisited in metallic pink. And hey, it's only 11 months until Xmas! 10, even... And look, I didn't even notice! Tao Okamoto's modelling it! And there's even a picture in TeenVogue. God, I'm such an idiot sometimes. (She's on the top left, by the way.)


See, I am still a corsetry lover at heart. Even if they are, in fact, yellow, periwinkle blue and pink and not the fierce monochrome seen at D&G. I know it's unusual for a 13-year-old, but I have always like the underwear-as-outerwear look (not that I put it to any use! Shock! Horror!)

And I have those gold socks!! How cool is that?


AND.... Structure, she lives on. How could she not. If it weren't for pleats, gathering and such seemingly overdone things, we'd all be walking around in lacy/black/floral/sex-pistols-lyrics-inscribed bags of our choice. Not the good, Chanel 2.55 type, but the dumb canvas ones grocery stores use when they want us to think they care about saving the environment.

Anyhow, the look isn't exactly what one would call effortless, but even if your not these models you could probably pull it off (perhaps minus the topknot/multicoloured eyes?) Just a word of encouragement. No hidden undercurrents of evil intentions, promise. Heehee.

And also, FENDI//
Love-love-love the pale lavender/pink with the silver belt. The black stuff is a small outlet for my twisted soul. My friends, unleash the romantic within you, even if you are already cynical about the world and stuff at a tender age (me).

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