Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mommy, these models are scaring me...

Sorry, Mr YSL, but your models are ver' ver' angry looking!!

Oh damn. How do you upload videos???

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My faves from Vogue supplement......

Hey there everyone........
Here are my favorite garments, or as my BFFs the British say, gawments. HERE WE GO. >>>
(Oh, and sorry if I seem a little less eloquent than usual, my sadistic physiotherapist Scott made me run for like an hour and then lift 20 kilos on my shoulderblades. It is painful.)


Love everything.. the sophisticated draping and pleating and twisting etc. etc., the wicked cool platforms (see?? I was right! Killer heels and ladylike frocks... in your face, people who didn't believe me! ...Yeah, definitely less eloquent than usual.) Also, although the skirts are nice and short they don't look overtly skanky 'cause of the muted colours. I'll tell you something, those Burberry people are smart as heck.

Like especially the CLASSIC Burberry trench, revisited in metallic pink. And hey, it's only 11 months until Xmas! 10, even... And look, I didn't even notice! Tao Okamoto's modelling it! And there's even a picture in TeenVogue. God, I'm such an idiot sometimes. (She's on the top left, by the way.)


See, I am still a corsetry lover at heart. Even if they are, in fact, yellow, periwinkle blue and pink and not the fierce monochrome seen at D&G. I know it's unusual for a 13-year-old, but I have always like the underwear-as-outerwear look (not that I put it to any use! Shock! Horror!)

And I have those gold socks!! How cool is that?


AND.... Structure, she lives on. How could she not. If it weren't for pleats, gathering and such seemingly overdone things, we'd all be walking around in lacy/black/floral/sex-pistols-lyrics-inscribed bags of our choice. Not the good, Chanel 2.55 type, but the dumb canvas ones grocery stores use when they want us to think they care about saving the environment.

Anyhow, the look isn't exactly what one would call effortless, but even if your not these models you could probably pull it off (perhaps minus the topknot/multicoloured eyes?) Just a word of encouragement. No hidden undercurrents of evil intentions, promise. Heehee.

And also, FENDI//
Love-love-love the pale lavender/pink with the silver belt. The black stuff is a small outlet for my twisted soul. My friends, unleash the romantic within you, even if you are already cynical about the world and stuff at a tender age (me).

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hot AND Not

Just some beautiful dresses I thought I would show you. I'm running out of witty things to say, so this is going to be mostly pictures.


Isn't this so stunning? I love the colour and although the dress isn't overly dramatic or provocative it still steals the show because of its classic beauty, as does Marion herself. Sorry about the fact that she doesn't have a head. My scanner sucks.
And right now I'm all for amazing, sexy and very very provocative shoes (like these, and in case you hadn't already guessed by their shameless decadence and height they are by John Galliano) paired with a demure and understated gown. And by understated I don't mean boring, I mean THIS.
Calvin Klein ss10. Love the simplicity combined with a heady dose of edgy drama.

Or maybe I'm into demure colours, but bold shapes. Because I still love this dress our darlin' Penelope wore to the Oscars in '07 (by Atelier Versace).

Luckily its peach... Ugh, I'm just imagining how it would look in hot pink. Not a good thought.
Here's another killer pair of heels to pair with you sweet dress...


I gotta go, it's dinnertime in the Christie household.
Ciao my bellas.

Monday, 25 January 2010

I love Lucy. No, wait, Christian. No, Coco. Ah, heck.

Hola people,
I think it is time to say a very relieving goodbye to black (unless you are Morticia Addams in a parallel universe where she actually exists), because aren't you kinda sick of Balmain, shoulder pads and the whole 80s redux thing? No offense to Balmain himself, but you gotta get some new ideas, buddy. It looked awesome at the beginning of a/w '09, but hey, I feel like I'm living in in 'Psycho' -- everything's black and white (literally, not metaphorically: nothing's black and white in a mystery metaphorically, that's why its a mystery! But you know that, of course) and the evil culprit looms menacingly from behind the shower curtains of last season! Which is why I totally fell for this technicolour-sweetshop Guess campaign in a semi-recent InStyle mag.

Don't you love it?! Sexy, very distinctly Guess-like, but sweet and not overly fierce or intimidating.
I really like the soft lavender colour of the top... very inspiring, remind me to put that in a design. The whole thing has a faint french-lingerie undercurrent. The long socks are cool too. The model looks a bit full of herself. But then again, most models do. Must stop rambling. Must. Stop. Rambling.

On Saturday I finally watched the amazing, stunning, awesome, amazing, stunning, awesome, epic movie 'Coco Avant Chanel' -- or, for the less Frenchified of you, 'Coco Before Chanel'. And I really must say, it was as amazing, stunning, awesome and epic as it had promised to be. Upon seeing the ad for Chanel no. 5 on TV and wondering who the cool ingenue playing the lovelorn (French) femme pining after the weird-looking guy was, I pounced upon a small section in TeenVogue about the movie. Unfortunately, I never caught it in UK theatres as the British simply can't keep up with Coco, which is only proven by the fact that her English lover died in a car accident. Well, ho hum. Anyway, as soon as the opening credits began to roll in, I was hooked. Not only was the young version of Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel incredibly well cast, I ALSO WATCHED THE FILM ENTIRELY IN FRENCH AND WAS ABLE TO UNDERSTAND IT! Yes, yes, alright, you can stop applauding my genius now. Not that you'd even started to begin with. Ah well. So here are, like the morphous stages of caterpillar to butterfly, the stages young Coco goes through to become the fresh, elegant and gamine icon that she is.

Coming up next: A step in the opposite direction -- M. Christian Dior and his corsets and Corrolla skirts! For me, its a tie between Coco and Christian: they believed different things, but were both geniuses in their own right. Like Agyness Deyn and Grace Kelly.
By the way, If you look at my comments on my second-to-last post, you will find someone called ChellBellz -- Check out her blog, it is the ultimate place to go if you like all things STYLISH. Also, to ChellBellz, kudos on your editorial with Crystal Renn sporting the newest gear -- without looking like neon sticks, like most models would. Long live plus-size.
Hope you likey,
E xx

Thursday, 21 January 2010

So, tomorrow I'll be marrying some rich guy from Rio. Not.

Hey people,
Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I love you guys.
But today's topic is......
My Holly Golightly costume for tomorrow. YAY!

Here are two things you should know about this blog post. Three, even.
1. I couldn't really be bothered to do the hair properly today, but tomorrow of course ze lady shall wear the chignon (aka french twist, for the less french of you).
2. The coat IS real fur! For those of you who are members of PETA or Greenpeace (like me) I'll have you know that I did not in fact purchase this coat. It was a college graduation gift to my grandmother in the early '50s. So those poor rabbits would have died regardless of my being born. And if you need any further consolation, my clutch (not pictured) is MOCK-croc.
3. The dress is way too long- I wanted it to be just above the knee, but my darling mother is unfortunately just a little taller than I am and the dress is hers, so that explains it. Right now, before I hem it, it looks sort of along the lines of 'pilgrim gone disco dancing'. Also it is pure wool and therefore exceedingly itchy. But, as the french said and Ben de Lisi repeated, the fashionable must suffer. But to hell with that, its ITCHY! Ah well.
And forget my comment about the 'three things', cause there are more.
4. This post may be slightly shorter than some of its predecessors because of a Mount Everest of math and physics homework awaiting me. But no guarantees. Do not lose hope.


You already know about the bag if you've been following my blog, but if not you can just look at one of my October posts. Anyway, the shoes are amazing. I used to hate them cause..... well, I just thought they were ugly as heck. But they are the softest, butteriest leather I have ever worn. And the gloves are super warm and v. v. stylish. I may have to take them from my innocent and unknowingly ignorant grandmother. As in she doesn't know that I'm gonna take them. God, all this fancy vocab stuff gets to me.
I'll take a few more shots tomorrow morning when the look is complete. And then I'll burn the dress 'cause its so darn itchy. And then I'll die at the hands of my pilgrim mother.
I'm getting a bit carried away, aren't I?
Oh, by the way, my mother isn't as style-lacking as erstwhile anticipated. While rummaging through her wardrobe, I found a sea-green/grey silk ball gown and a genuine leather jacket, among other things. Will model for you later.

Anyway, Mom bought me the latest issue of Teenvogue yesterday, so I am one happy little girlie. Here are my favourite pics and sartorial editorials.

I love the way this girl has had her eyes done and I just thought is was a really cool shot. I also wish I had a professional makeup artist, although my mom's friend is one and she did Rihanna's once and got us free tickets to her river concert in Berlin. Where I have also lived, by the way.

One more:

Ok, this was a reeally bad scan. But at least you can see that her jeans are totallly torn up and distressed, which I love. My no-fail style mix right now is tomboy cool and girly-girl with chiffon (oops, I said it again) and feminine stuff.
By the way, don't look too closely at the pictures of my costume -- you may catch a glimpse of my hideous school uniform and you will be blinded because it works on the basis of Medusa.
Thats all,
sorry, but math awaits.
Hope you enjoyed it! A double dose of designer gear next time, promise.
Love, E

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Candy? Yes please please pretty please

Hey everybody,
Today I'm gonna tell you about everything that i really wish I had. Which is just about everything in the current issue of Vogue. By the way, don't you think Natalia Vodianova is stunning? She looks good in everything and is the reason why I wear Calvin Klein Euphoria (the perfume, dummy).
I love the dress, and as I said I am very into pastels and sugar-icing colours and chiffon for spring. Which is why I also love Christopher Kane's new collection, although some of it is a little too... well..... I really don't want to say tacky, because Christopher is MY LIFE, but I guess I'll just let the picture do the talking.

Love the colours, but embroidered florals and pastels? Seems to me that some of these garments are bordering on the grandma's-tablecloth-cliché. But I still love you Christopher Kane! DON'T BREAK UP WITH ME! And to make up for that negative comment, here are all the dresses from his collection that I love, i.e. all the rest. Almost.

And here is yet another beautiful picture of the amazing Lara Stone wearing a pink gingham creation of his.

Sigh. I love chiffon. And pink. Come to think of it, I love this dress. Which, unfortunately, no amount of babysitting-money will pay for. But I think I'll have to get to the crux of the nub of the gist of the thrust of today's post.
This season's must-have accessories/garments, Emma-style.


I love both of these dresses, but Chanel Iman epitomizes the D&G attitude for me: sexy, feisty and indescribably chic. Next awesome thingy:

I swear my heart actually stopped and then assumed the speed of... I don't know, something really fast!... when I saw these terrific shoes which really show my current obsession with chiffon and lace. And transparency, clothes-wise. In case you haven't already guessed, they are by Valentino and are the mutant spawn - in a good way - of a collaboration with Philip Treacy, who was once a major hat designer for Chanel.
I must say, this newfound obsession with all things lacy or chiffon-y has taken me by surprise. Nonetheless, I refuse to give up my usually much more structured style, which is why I love corsets. And these, by Céline.Especially the tan leather minidress and the high-waisted pants. On paper I would hate this outfit but it really is a huge contrast to the whole sugar-candy thing, which is probably why I love it so much. Long live utility chic.
And to finish off with, a sketch by moi.
This is the outfit I planned for our school's Gym-and-Dance Display, an annual 'display' that showcases - you guessed it - our schools so-so dance talents. Our class is doing 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga for our number -- not my favourite, but a good opportunity to bring some eighties glam-punk into a school of Hollister-loving teenagers. Sorry to people who like Hollister, but I strongly dislike it. And also, may I point out that not everyone at school likes Hollister and the likes.

Sorry that lots of the sketch is cropped out, there is something deeply wrong with my scanner. Anyhoo, the padded shoulders are encrusted with rhinestones. The top is black (don't know what fabric yet) with cutouts and fishnet sleeves. The high-waisted leggings are embossed faux leather, black of course. After all, black is very Gaga. So deal with it and quit cringing, Springtime.
I hope you enjoyed my post!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

And yes, that is a calvin klein bra.........

Hey people,
I hope you're ready for a mind-blowing assortment of some random and intentional and sometimes awesome pictures. Interested? I think you are. Actually, I know you are. So here we go. Put on your sunglasses.


(I have to wear a school uniform, or to put it another way, my school has a serious fashion impairment. So exercise is necessary.)
(By the way invoking the eighties is fun-fun-fun! Do you like my hairdo on the previous pics?)

Don't you just love the shoes on outfit numero 2? (And you might like the pants but I must admit they are an acquired taste. I used to hate them. But now one loves one's vintage Burberry)
Anyway, the shoes are made of suede (rhymes) that is GREEN which is pretty cool. But... here comes the big let-down... they are my dear unfashionable mother's 'best' shoes. Luckily she was not at home when I so stealthily nicked them from her microscopic shoe rack.
Green suede shoes..... da da dum..... (whistles)


AND ALSO....//

On Friday there is an own-clothes day at school, and to raise money for charity we're gonna dress up as people from movies..... AND GUESS WHAT?

I'm going as Holly Golightly.
How cool is that.

By the way, here is the best collection ever (well, right now):

VERSACE SS10!!!!!!!!! //

(above: my fave)

I love the combination of sheer chiffon and synthetic-y prints..... too of my favorite things in the whole wide world... and very sexy.
Thankyou for enjoying.....
More tomorrow.