Monday, 28 February 2011


Marylin Monroe, Bianca Jagger, Klimt, Dolce and Gabbana, Hercules and Love Affair, Vintage Missoni, Jelly Shoes

Friday, 25 February 2011

I am in the Capital of Cool

BERLIN, Germany. Believe it. This is where I grew up, ergo I could probably spend the rest of my life trawling junk stores near Zionskirchplatz or gazing down at the world from the Fernsehturm. Its like a dinky, cozy little version of New York. But just as awesome.
(Fernsehturm = TV Tower. Zionskirchplatz = Zion (?) Church Square. Meh.)
Anyhoo, I'll probably be documenting my short but sweet visit here with a great number of photographs. And if you haven't already, you should really visit us here in Berlin. It's like the world according to Nylon magazine.
So, consequently, I am going to indulge in the very Berlin looks that graced the Fendi runway aw11.

However, I'm probably gonna keep it real concise. I'm on a laptop from 2005 over here, meaning that this is going to take a while to put together. Mais c'est la vie.

I read in the article on (courtesy of) that here an 'art teacher' vibe was being channeled. Well, not to be rude, but I have never encountered so chic an art teacher. I have a bit of a prejudice against them, I admit, for reasons unrelated. Anyway, the reason this is so very Berlin -- which, like I said, is pretty much as anti-mainstream as a metropolis comes -- lies mainly in the say that tactile and interesting materials are favoured over eye-popping prints. I do have a penchant for interesting prints, such as the spiders on a particular dress by Giles from a few seasons ago, but kudos here for the wicked cool pleather dress. I'm less of a fan of the felt ruff (too fussy for my taste) but I can see how an art teacher would definitely go for that kind of thing.
The fur shrugs were also in the tactile vein. But like many I am inclined to boo fur unless its faux.

This blue wonder was almost Jil Sander-esque in its simplicity, obvious expert craftsmanship and effortless chic. In fact, the quality is the only obvious thing about it, which I admire in a cluttered sartorial world of gaudiness and where Gaga is considered occasionally to be the acme of stylistic evolution. I'm not dissing Gaga -- no way -- but I needed a breather.

This last piece is my favourite. Its cold out here in the home of Awesomeness.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Missing Fashion

I am now in the wilds of Germany, missing the urban and civilized world. Provincial Deutschland is not for me. However! I will soon (meaning after my one-week vacation) do a series of New York Fashion Week posts (which you could only have missed if you were living under a rock, and I hope for your sake you aren't). That said, I am trying to get back in touch with my roots and interact with actual people for a while. So, off to facebook. Oh, wait.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Almost reminiscent of John Gallianos 'Les Incroyables' way back in the '80s (was it?), in terms of the palette. This is Vera Wang, by the way. And, in case you were wondering, yes, I would kill for them.

Wang images courtesy of

PS. In case you are frustrated by my lack of creativity in terms of my own personal outfits, the truth is that my wardrobe is just such a dried-up little husk compared to the boundless realm of I am trying to reform myself relating to that... by hopefully overcoming my frugality. I actually got some great new stuff at Portobello Road the other day, so WILL PHOTOGRAPH & post.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

This was actually on sale.

I'm still feeling hippie wildchild hard-edged flowergirl minimalism. No change there. Here are this season's genii (a motley array and order, might I add -- genius can't be categorized): Alice+Olivia (incidentally the two most popular names in my grade), Creatures of the Wind, Kevork Kiledjian (an amazing new discovery), Ohne Titel, The Row (masters of monochromatic minimalism), Theysken's Theory.

Yes -- I am actually the proud soon-to-be owner of this totally rad bikini. I'M SO EXCITED but it's being delivered to my grandma's in Florida (which is, ahem, a couple thousand miles away.) So I'll have to wait a few months... grrr...

And also, I'm having a Joni Mitchell revival, to my mother's delight. This particular track rather fits with my hometown... yes, I am Californian. In case you hadn't guessed. (Which would make you a disgrace.)

By the way, this doubles as my season post, because I don't want to clog you up with my verbosity. I'll tone it down with the being pseudo-erudite, and all that jazz. Promise. (Images courtesy of, the Roxy website, and, well, youtube)
Peace and love,