Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dominatrix much.

Two things.

numero uno:

NEW SHOES, from Fly London. I (well, ok, my mommy dearest) got them off amazon -- 50% off! Qu'est-ce que c'est que ça*?, I hear you cry! Well, allow me to point out that mommy dearest is the ultimate in frugal Scottish bargain hunters. 'Nuf said.

Are you hyperventilating yet?

And these are also astoundingly -- I mean ASTOUNDINGLY -- comfortable. As in, I can even wear them with my mom's weird-ass corrective insoles in them and they feel like steel-toes made of clouds. I could wear them to have tea in Paris with Garance Doré (dream on) or to hike through the mighty forests of British Columbia, like Michael Palin the gay lumberjack. Who's autograph I have. BY THE WAY.

('Scuse the all-caps. SORRY FOR MAKING YOU YELL IN YOU HEAD! Hehehee)

Oh, and also, the last picture is bad. Meaning, don't look at my disproportionate leg. Despite appearances, I do not have Elephantitis.

Moving on subito, I also love the patent leather-ness of the shoes, and. as the title may suggest, how badass they are -- Tank Girl meets Blahnik, no? (I find the curve of where the shoe meets the sole is reminiscent of his illustrations. You can call me a private-school brat now.)

So. Note to self: Never give Mom a chance to wear these. Nay, Superglue to feet.

numero dos:

I will be going to sunny Venice, Florida for the Easter holidays, and so expect a break in my blogging for about 2-3 weeks. Ooooh, I'm awfully excited! To console you when you see my tan, here is a playlist. Hope you like.

Doin' It Right -- The Go! Team
Fake Plastic Trees -- Radiohead
Make Me Wanna Die -- The Pretty Reckless (even if Taylor Momsen needs to get her posterior on Snog Marry Avoid, this is a good song)
Loser -- Beck
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want -- The Smiths
Ready For the Floor -- Lissy Trullie
Miss World -- Hole
Graduate -- Third Eye Blind
Trouble is a Friend -- Lenka
Girl -- The Beatles
Enter the Ninja -- Die Antwoord
Wedding Bells -- Lissie
New Dawn Fades -- Joy Division
Plastic Beach -- Gorillaz feat. Mick Jones and Paul Simonon
Shove It -- Santigold feat. SpankRock
Baba O'Reilly -- The Rolling Stones
Itchycoo Park -- The Small Faces
Dead Sound -- The Raveonettes

* Means OMG, what on earth, holy guacamole etc.