Tuesday, 15 February 2011

This was actually on sale.

I'm still feeling hippie wildchild hard-edged flowergirl minimalism. No change there. Here are this season's genii (a motley array and order, might I add -- genius can't be categorized): Alice+Olivia (incidentally the two most popular names in my grade), Creatures of the Wind, Kevork Kiledjian (an amazing new discovery), Ohne Titel, The Row (masters of monochromatic minimalism), Theysken's Theory.

Yes -- I am actually the proud soon-to-be owner of this totally rad bikini. I'M SO EXCITED but it's being delivered to my grandma's in Florida (which is, ahem, a couple thousand miles away.) So I'll have to wait a few months... grrr...

And also, I'm having a Joni Mitchell revival, to my mother's delight. This particular track rather fits with my hometown... yes, I am Californian. In case you hadn't guessed. (Which would make you a disgrace.)

By the way, this doubles as my season post, because I don't want to clog you up with my verbosity. I'll tone it down with the being pseudo-erudite, and all that jazz. Promise. (Images courtesy of style.com, the Roxy website, and, well, youtube)
Peace and love,

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