Sunday, 30 January 2011

My New Idol?

Gillian Zinser. She's me, MUCH IMPROVED. Its all there -- the messy hair, the Californian heritage, the unpredictable (weellll, in my case, that is, my unsuccessful attempts at looking nonchalantly stylish (I fail, yes, I fail). HOWEVER. She is all that, but perfectly awesome. I now have inspiration in the form of this wicked cool actress, who plays an equally cool character on 90210. If you aren't beyond adolescent joys yet (go immaturity), watch this fabulously predictable show. Sorry, Gillian. Bises.
Sorry, Garance. Just the ramblings of a bored francophile. This is She.

Awesome, right? Go Gillian. Moving on, though, let me communicate to my nonexistent fan base (yeah, you can laugh.) my recent stylistic fluctuations. I'll be going to Florida in a few months, and I think my newfound attachment to boardshorts and co. may be a result of that. Let me break it down for ya in a chemical formula. It pays to be a nerd.

Yearning for Summer (Su10000) + being broke ( --> yearning for out-of-reach Clothing (C-10000) as per usual) + the unfulfilled resolution to GET FIT (definitely a negative ion there. Grrr. I hate jogging) + Florida ---------------> O.D. -ing on 90210 and magazines + the cool appeal of Roxy ads (stemming from said magazines) and water sports in general + still being frustratingly broke.

So, yes, that is my life, style-wise. Between money troubles, excessive frugality, the ridiculous expense of clothes in London and general (school-related) business, I look exactly the same as I did a year ago!All that aside, though, I find it incredibly hard to be chic and minimalistic in black (which is actually easy, all of my outerwear is black, and its so cold here that I mostly am seen in outerwear) when the sun is completely absent. It is incredibly hard psychologically to wear black all the time in any case (if easy physically). Ergo, my need for cheap, colourful, wearable attire. I've been scouring Teenvoge. "Jeans for Every Budget"? Right. Every budget between J.K. Rowling and the Queen, more like.
Jeez. Imagine the Queen in jeans. (Yay! That rhymed!)
Anyhow. I should probably show some photographic evidence of the aforementioned coolness.

Gillian Zinser.
I'm really identifying with the hippies now. Everyone is so uptight! Can't we just chill and stop fighting wars and stuff? Dude. Seriously. (I am not high, before you ask.) Love, people. LOVE. Scuse me, I gotta go to a rooftop Beatles concert.

Crochet Bikinis! YES! No, I'm NOT joking! Shut up! But not the cape, hat or shoes. Just block them out, ok?
And also mentally alter the bottoms and make them a little more modern in shape, 'kay?

Swimsuit and wetsuit, both of which I really want. Cynthia Rowley for Roxy.

More Cynthia...

This is Lissie, an amazing singer/songwriter I was lucky enough to go and see in concert in December. GO GOOGLE HER, stat.

Someone surfing, duh.

So. My motto and aspiration is now: chill, GET SOME MONEY!!!, learn to surf, chill some more, and hopefully go to the beach. I just read an article about Gemma Arterton spending a week in Croatia. It made me want to cry.


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