Monday, 3 January 2011


Wellll, I was too busy recieving amazing presents these past few weeks to blog. Lame excuse, I know, but its the only one I have. Smiley face.However, allow me to segué nicely into my intended topic (I don't like the word, it sounds too... scholastic. And also formal. But, "for want of a better word"....). MY NEW CAMERA. It is beautiful! And, more importantly, better than our cruddy old Canon which has a penchant for distributing weird blotches on the least zoomed-in images. This new Holy Grail (in my view, anything not looking like our camera, is said Grail. Right? Am I right? Its a brick!!) of photography has inspired me to not only spend hours in front of the computer researching resort collections which I will finally and in exhaustive detail blog about (yes, as my former babysitting kids would say, "Too much words!" Well. Sor-ee.) I will hopefully take pictures of my OWN outfits on ME, which you may or may not be interested in. If not, begone! Shame on you, spending all this time on those machines you call computers reading and writing pages upon pages of useless bloggery!Oh. Wait. I just described myself. Huh.
Anyhoo. I exit the realm of technology from 2003 ("Wow! Pictures? Without film?!") and enter the realm of HIGH FIDELITY, BABY!
As a sort of demo, some assigned shots for this year's school art project using my glorious new device. And yes, they are assigned, I'm not one of those people who take shots of themselves just to fill the internet up with their 'glorious beauty'. No beauty here -- except of the sartorial kind! Whoatackycatchphrase!

The Chunk, 2003 edition. Famed for being as thick as the wall of a medieval fortress.

We were told to create a series of photographs involving reflections. Well, ain't it swell -- I just happened to have this trippy bathroom!

And the black hair is a wig, by the way. I didn't just decide to be a Joan Jett impersonator one day....
Although that would be pretty awesome. Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

And also, the Ramones kick posterior.

Another part of the art project was to create a fabric design. And in the process, I did something I never thought I'd do -- I put a piece of foliage into my photocopier. And here the theme was trees, in case you were wondering.
Speaking of fabric design, I went to Liberty of London today and met a lovely Liberty lady by the name of Sarah Barton Keeley ( -- if you're reading this, thanks again! Your music is EPIC, 'Engines' in particular) Please show her love, she led me to the scarf of my dreams, which will feature in the next post.

Well, dang. The upload isn't working. Hold on...

Nope. Its being stubborn. I'll try again later. BUT. I have a really dumb video I made a few months ago. It's a joke and the clothes are bad -- INTENTIONALLY. Its kitsch.

And pay attention to the soundtrack (the Velvet Underground and the Beatles -- unbeatable combo!) My beautiful friends Lauren (blonde) and Flopsy (brunette) star. Enjoy this idiotic example of how I waste my time!


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  1. PS. Click the geoflick.m4v to see the film because half of the picture is cut off. Oops.