Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Candy? Yes please please pretty please

Hey everybody,
Today I'm gonna tell you about everything that i really wish I had. Which is just about everything in the current issue of Vogue. By the way, don't you think Natalia Vodianova is stunning? She looks good in everything and is the reason why I wear Calvin Klein Euphoria (the perfume, dummy).
I love the dress, and as I said I am very into pastels and sugar-icing colours and chiffon for spring. Which is why I also love Christopher Kane's new collection, although some of it is a little too... well..... I really don't want to say tacky, because Christopher is MY LIFE, but I guess I'll just let the picture do the talking.

Love the colours, but embroidered florals and pastels? Seems to me that some of these garments are bordering on the grandma's-tablecloth-cliché. But I still love you Christopher Kane! DON'T BREAK UP WITH ME! And to make up for that negative comment, here are all the dresses from his collection that I love, i.e. all the rest. Almost.

And here is yet another beautiful picture of the amazing Lara Stone wearing a pink gingham creation of his.

Sigh. I love chiffon. And pink. Come to think of it, I love this dress. Which, unfortunately, no amount of babysitting-money will pay for. But I think I'll have to get to the crux of the nub of the gist of the thrust of today's post.
This season's must-have accessories/garments, Emma-style.


I love both of these dresses, but Chanel Iman epitomizes the D&G attitude for me: sexy, feisty and indescribably chic. Next awesome thingy:

I swear my heart actually stopped and then assumed the speed of... I don't know, something really fast!... when I saw these terrific shoes which really show my current obsession with chiffon and lace. And transparency, clothes-wise. In case you haven't already guessed, they are by Valentino and are the mutant spawn - in a good way - of a collaboration with Philip Treacy, who was once a major hat designer for Chanel.
I must say, this newfound obsession with all things lacy or chiffon-y has taken me by surprise. Nonetheless, I refuse to give up my usually much more structured style, which is why I love corsets. And these, by Céline.Especially the tan leather minidress and the high-waisted pants. On paper I would hate this outfit but it really is a huge contrast to the whole sugar-candy thing, which is probably why I love it so much. Long live utility chic.
And to finish off with, a sketch by moi.
This is the outfit I planned for our school's Gym-and-Dance Display, an annual 'display' that showcases - you guessed it - our schools so-so dance talents. Our class is doing 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga for our number -- not my favourite, but a good opportunity to bring some eighties glam-punk into a school of Hollister-loving teenagers. Sorry to people who like Hollister, but I strongly dislike it. And also, may I point out that not everyone at school likes Hollister and the likes.

Sorry that lots of the sketch is cropped out, there is something deeply wrong with my scanner. Anyhoo, the padded shoulders are encrusted with rhinestones. The top is black (don't know what fabric yet) with cutouts and fishnet sleeves. The high-waisted leggings are embossed faux leather, black of course. After all, black is very Gaga. So deal with it and quit cringing, Springtime.
I hope you enjoyed my post!