Monday, 18 January 2010

Hey all,
Sorry I haven't blogged for so long -- been kinda busy. But ANYWAY.... I think its time i showed you some of my sketches. They're recent, but my pastels didn't really show the colors the way i wanted them to.... ah well. See what you think.

This is just part of a sketch I did this morning.... like I said, the colors aren't right. The Chiffon sleeves were meant to be periwinkle blue and the lattice-type thing in the center of the chest is a ladder, a la Rodarte.
By the way, I LOVE this dress and if I had the money it would be in my closet within minutes of it even being on the runway... but alas, I don't. I may be able to make a prototype of the sketch so keep your eyes peeled! Although the dress is black, another thing I'm liking for spring is pastels (I know, not very inventive, but heck!)

The daughter of a family friend recently got an internship with aspiring fashion superstar Bibhu Mohapatra. Not sure if you've heard of him, but here are some of his (stunning) pieces just to give you an idea: AMAZING..... I love that he's replaced the ruffles on the dresses with slightly more austere, grown-up origami pleats. Also, pastels AND futuristic punk. What's not to love? I'm also needing a romper right now and I'm on the lookout for a look-alike of the one above! Until then, though, I'll have to make do with these cool sequinned Topshop shorts.
Definitely going on my, um, Easter wishlist. They look like they could work in countless ways without looking trashy. Going to try pairing them with a forest-green feminized blazer I'm working on, which should be done within the next few weeks so I'll let you know.
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