Tuesday, 19 January 2010

And yes, that is a calvin klein bra.........

Hey people,
I hope you're ready for a mind-blowing assortment of some random and intentional and sometimes awesome pictures. Interested? I think you are. Actually, I know you are. So here we go. Put on your sunglasses.


(I have to wear a school uniform, or to put it another way, my school has a serious fashion impairment. So exercise is necessary.)
(By the way invoking the eighties is fun-fun-fun! Do you like my hairdo on the previous pics?)

Don't you just love the shoes on outfit numero 2? (And you might like the pants but I must admit they are an acquired taste. I used to hate them. But now one loves one's vintage Burberry)
Anyway, the shoes are made of suede (rhymes) that is GREEN which is pretty cool. But... here comes the big let-down... they are my dear unfashionable mother's 'best' shoes. Luckily she was not at home when I so stealthily nicked them from her microscopic shoe rack.
Green suede shoes..... da da dum..... (whistles)


AND ALSO....//

On Friday there is an own-clothes day at school, and to raise money for charity we're gonna dress up as people from movies..... AND GUESS WHAT?

I'm going as Holly Golightly.
How cool is that.

By the way, here is the best collection ever (well, right now):

VERSACE SS10!!!!!!!!! //

(above: my fave)

I love the combination of sheer chiffon and synthetic-y prints..... too of my favorite things in the whole wide world... and very sexy.
Thankyou for enjoying.....
More tomorrow.

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