Thursday, 21 January 2010

So, tomorrow I'll be marrying some rich guy from Rio. Not.

Hey people,
Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I love you guys.
But today's topic is......
My Holly Golightly costume for tomorrow. YAY!

Here are two things you should know about this blog post. Three, even.
1. I couldn't really be bothered to do the hair properly today, but tomorrow of course ze lady shall wear the chignon (aka french twist, for the less french of you).
2. The coat IS real fur! For those of you who are members of PETA or Greenpeace (like me) I'll have you know that I did not in fact purchase this coat. It was a college graduation gift to my grandmother in the early '50s. So those poor rabbits would have died regardless of my being born. And if you need any further consolation, my clutch (not pictured) is MOCK-croc.
3. The dress is way too long- I wanted it to be just above the knee, but my darling mother is unfortunately just a little taller than I am and the dress is hers, so that explains it. Right now, before I hem it, it looks sort of along the lines of 'pilgrim gone disco dancing'. Also it is pure wool and therefore exceedingly itchy. But, as the french said and Ben de Lisi repeated, the fashionable must suffer. But to hell with that, its ITCHY! Ah well.
And forget my comment about the 'three things', cause there are more.
4. This post may be slightly shorter than some of its predecessors because of a Mount Everest of math and physics homework awaiting me. But no guarantees. Do not lose hope.


You already know about the bag if you've been following my blog, but if not you can just look at one of my October posts. Anyway, the shoes are amazing. I used to hate them cause..... well, I just thought they were ugly as heck. But they are the softest, butteriest leather I have ever worn. And the gloves are super warm and v. v. stylish. I may have to take them from my innocent and unknowingly ignorant grandmother. As in she doesn't know that I'm gonna take them. God, all this fancy vocab stuff gets to me.
I'll take a few more shots tomorrow morning when the look is complete. And then I'll burn the dress 'cause its so darn itchy. And then I'll die at the hands of my pilgrim mother.
I'm getting a bit carried away, aren't I?
Oh, by the way, my mother isn't as style-lacking as erstwhile anticipated. While rummaging through her wardrobe, I found a sea-green/grey silk ball gown and a genuine leather jacket, among other things. Will model for you later.

Anyway, Mom bought me the latest issue of Teenvogue yesterday, so I am one happy little girlie. Here are my favourite pics and sartorial editorials.

I love the way this girl has had her eyes done and I just thought is was a really cool shot. I also wish I had a professional makeup artist, although my mom's friend is one and she did Rihanna's once and got us free tickets to her river concert in Berlin. Where I have also lived, by the way.

One more:

Ok, this was a reeally bad scan. But at least you can see that her jeans are totallly torn up and distressed, which I love. My no-fail style mix right now is tomboy cool and girly-girl with chiffon (oops, I said it again) and feminine stuff.
By the way, don't look too closely at the pictures of my costume -- you may catch a glimpse of my hideous school uniform and you will be blinded because it works on the basis of Medusa.
Thats all,
sorry, but math awaits.
Hope you enjoyed it! A double dose of designer gear next time, promise.
Love, E

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