Monday, 25 January 2010

I love Lucy. No, wait, Christian. No, Coco. Ah, heck.

Hola people,
I think it is time to say a very relieving goodbye to black (unless you are Morticia Addams in a parallel universe where she actually exists), because aren't you kinda sick of Balmain, shoulder pads and the whole 80s redux thing? No offense to Balmain himself, but you gotta get some new ideas, buddy. It looked awesome at the beginning of a/w '09, but hey, I feel like I'm living in in 'Psycho' -- everything's black and white (literally, not metaphorically: nothing's black and white in a mystery metaphorically, that's why its a mystery! But you know that, of course) and the evil culprit looms menacingly from behind the shower curtains of last season! Which is why I totally fell for this technicolour-sweetshop Guess campaign in a semi-recent InStyle mag.

Don't you love it?! Sexy, very distinctly Guess-like, but sweet and not overly fierce or intimidating.
I really like the soft lavender colour of the top... very inspiring, remind me to put that in a design. The whole thing has a faint french-lingerie undercurrent. The long socks are cool too. The model looks a bit full of herself. But then again, most models do. Must stop rambling. Must. Stop. Rambling.

On Saturday I finally watched the amazing, stunning, awesome, amazing, stunning, awesome, epic movie 'Coco Avant Chanel' -- or, for the less Frenchified of you, 'Coco Before Chanel'. And I really must say, it was as amazing, stunning, awesome and epic as it had promised to be. Upon seeing the ad for Chanel no. 5 on TV and wondering who the cool ingenue playing the lovelorn (French) femme pining after the weird-looking guy was, I pounced upon a small section in TeenVogue about the movie. Unfortunately, I never caught it in UK theatres as the British simply can't keep up with Coco, which is only proven by the fact that her English lover died in a car accident. Well, ho hum. Anyway, as soon as the opening credits began to roll in, I was hooked. Not only was the young version of Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel incredibly well cast, I ALSO WATCHED THE FILM ENTIRELY IN FRENCH AND WAS ABLE TO UNDERSTAND IT! Yes, yes, alright, you can stop applauding my genius now. Not that you'd even started to begin with. Ah well. So here are, like the morphous stages of caterpillar to butterfly, the stages young Coco goes through to become the fresh, elegant and gamine icon that she is.

Coming up next: A step in the opposite direction -- M. Christian Dior and his corsets and Corrolla skirts! For me, its a tie between Coco and Christian: they believed different things, but were both geniuses in their own right. Like Agyness Deyn and Grace Kelly.
By the way, If you look at my comments on my second-to-last post, you will find someone called ChellBellz -- Check out her blog, it is the ultimate place to go if you like all things STYLISH. Also, to ChellBellz, kudos on your editorial with Crystal Renn sporting the newest gear -- without looking like neon sticks, like most models would. Long live plus-size.
Hope you likey,
E xx

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