Thursday, 29 October 2009

My Winter Staples

Hi everyone,
I love winter. Winter is the best. I love the snow, I love the cold (weirdly enough) I love my birthday, I love Christmas. But most of all I love winter fashion. I am hopelessly obsessed with knits, coats, boots and woolly hats -- to the point where I sometimes attempt to wear them in summer (it doesn't always work out, as you can imagine).
So this post is going to be mostly about all the fashion items I am obsessed with at the moment and I am hoping to get you people obsessed with as well.
Number one, my vintage Frye boots. Sadly I don't have a picture right now but I'll add it tomorrow, promise! Well, that is if I can find my camera. They (the boots) were my Grandma's in the forties -- tan leather with a little heel and and amazing shape. They are also thigh-high, which makes them all the more amazing. When I went to Florida to visit my Grandma about a year ago she told me she wasn't a size 7 1/2 anymore and she couldn't wear winter boots in Tampa, so said boots made the transoceanic journey to London, where they will live out the rest of their days in constant use. I pray that my feet won't grow any more.
Number two, my huge woollen shawl. Its meant to be a scarf but it is actually so wide that to call it a scarf would be like calling a tour bus a bike. Its cashmere and bedecked with see-through sequins (by now you must think that I am obsessed with sequins because of the famed yellow/gray dress, but I assure you that is not entirely the case. No, seriously). It is about two meters in length and at least 60 cm wide so I guess it would be safe to call it my new winter coat. Or my new mattress/duvet. But it will definitely last me a few years...
Number three, my astoundingly gorgeous Topshop coat. Indescribable, so you will kinda have to wait until tomorrow as I have yet to find my camera. All I can tell you is that is is dark gray felt with great buttoning detail and a classic trench shape. I've been wearing it for almost two years now and it hasn't shown any sign of wear yet.
Those are my top th
ree winter items, and if you haven't stashed up on your winter wardrobe stuff yet hit Topshop NOW or you'll have to wait until next year!
And now for another outfit (not, I haven't exhausted my supply yet):
This is my friend (anonymous) posing in my favourite pair of overall from H&M. In fact, nearly the entire outfit is from H&M -- the tights and the navy tank top underneath the overalls. The gold dance shoes I bought at an auction at my old school in Berlin. The scarf that she's wearing (not too visible here) is an heirloom and its printed with traditional native American designs. The pearl necklace is from a market in Hong Kong. The navy top is also great because it looks amazing no matter what you wear it with. In the pictures below you can see the necklace and the scarf in greater detail. I think this look is cute and quirky (the overalls and dance shoes) with a ladylike twist (the pearls and the scarf). The bright tights also make it fun. I hope you liked today's post and I apologize again for the sad lack of photos of winter items... sorry!
They'll be there in the ext post, which will be more interesting.
Be sure to comment, I miss your ideas!
Emma =)

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  1. I think I look Beautiful!!!!!!! Joke!
    Emm,, You're Doing a really great job with the blog,, I check it every week or twoo,,, and think you're tak on fashion is great,,
    luv u