Friday, 2 October 2009

My First Entry EVER!!!!!!! Friday 2nd of October

Hello young fashionistas everywhere,
So here I am, writing my first blog post ever in London, fashion capital of the UK if not the world (no offence to our friends in Paris and Milan). First a little correction... I guess this blog isn't just for young people, as stated in my opening line, but for everyone fashion-forward or interested in fashion. It is probably just as in-league with people my age (13 in November, but what difference does age make? Notice I'm not using text speak, which I'm very proud of!).
SO... now a little about me. I was born in San Francisco, California. Six years later, I moved to Berlin, Germany. Another six years, give or take, I go to a girls' school in Ealing, London. Jet-setter? Not really - although traveling is my passion, along with sports and, of course, fashion design (sketches by moi will be incorporated into this blog). I am a sucker for shoes (heels in particular - my mom disapproves), bags and all things fashion-related. In this blog I will be posting photos of all my favourite outfits, designer or not, accessories etc. .... and giving my views. Ok, that sounds incredibly pretentious, but its hard to describe... Anyway, production of further posts will start as soon as I have time.... which I will have as I have injured my knee and won't be doing any work. My mom thinks its from wearing all those heels... well, what can I say? C'est la vie... or C'est la mode. Well, I must hobble off for tea, London's calling! Please enjoy and follow my posts and be sure to comment!!!
Emma Christie, Self-Proclaimed Fashion Addict


  1. I'm Emma's Auntie Susan. I live in Nevada City, California, where I am a self-proclaimed "Queen of Dorkness" when it comes to fashion. So I am excited and delighted by the opportunity to be dragged happily into the know via The New Black. Emma, thanks for expanding my world beyond REI/Patagonia/North Face/Marmot/Columbia outdoor-gal-gear chic! Love you!

  2. Hey, its Emma right? my names Luzie, im aslo the same age as you and have a blog, your blog is AWESOME keep it up! =)

  3. Emma- Applaud your fashion sense. And, your desire to put it out there for the rest of us. Keep at it. If you're interested, check out Anna Sui and Norma Kamali. You don't need to like what they do but take heart in the fact that they are two fabulous role models for women and about the democratization of design. Each in her way is not just for skinny models or just for rich folks. Yes, they sell through Target and Wal-Mart, so I wonder what you think about that. Look forward to more looks and commentary. Great job!

  4. Hi Emma!
    You may or may not remember me--we picknicked at Crissy Field in SF not too long ago. this is a really cool blog! I'm not a total fashion person but I'm also a fan of H&M. keep writing!
    Abigail SR

  5. Hey guys thx for the lovely comments! Yeah sure I remember you abigail.... =) Crissy field was really fun! Hey Luzie, I really want to see your blog, but when I click on your profile it won't let me see ur blog! can you comment the link plz? thx a bunch for commenting and i bet your blog is great too! =P