Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hey there all,
Thank you so much for all the positive feedback on my previous posts! You guys rule and Luzie, I am definitely going to check it your blog, it sounds awesome! We young newcomers to the fashion
world need to stick together =)Sorry about the lack of posts in the last few weeks -- I injured my knee a few weeks ago and had to be operated on, so I wasn't in much of a position to be blogging. Although I am still in a highly annoying
brace(see picture) which has kind of ruined all prospects of an awesome halloween costume to wear to my party, I am up and blogging, if not running, again. So anyway, today I looked at Sea of Shoes, a truly awesome blog by the highly creative Jane Aldridge. After being immersed in awesome fashion up to my ears(Prada slingbacks, vintage YSL, you get the picture)and while revelling in the mesmerising sounds of the Doors (come on baby light my fire...lalalala), I was so elated I decided to drop Jane a line. I asked her to comment on some of my posts and see what she thought, so people, get ready to welcome a fashion celebrity to our scene (that is, if she heeds my email -- pray she has time!)You can visit Sea of Shoes at seaofshoes.com (well,duh). I guarantee you will be inspired!
SO, without further ado, here are my latest outfit ideas:

Ah, the mobile days. Sorry, there is a time to reminisce about functional knees and this is not it... so this is a pretty simple outfit without too many accessories as the sequins are pretty eye-catching by themselves. This is basically my favourite dress in the world. Its made of grey silk and obviously and abundance of yellow sequins. I got it for £70 at a store (on Chiswick High Street, surprisingly,the fashion mecca of London, not)called Shoook! which some of you may have heard of although I'm not sure if it exists anywhere else in the world.Despite its, um, bizarre name, it sells fancy dress stuff that can actually also be dressed down with, say, ribbed beige cashmere tights and some hardcore black leather boots and maybe a navy blue cropped blazer. And all this at a fairly affordable price!
I say its a score. This particular dress I bought for a Year 8
showing of Will Shakespeare's The Tempest (although I can hardly say its Miranda-esque, for those of you who have read the play). People would actually just grab the hem and rattle it -- it has got to be the noisiest dress in the world, but it was still quite funny
to see the astonished looks on the teachers' faces as they tried to isolate the noise. Because I was getting a bit bored with the shape of the dress, which is actually a simple shift, I belted it with a braided brown leather belt and pulled a bit of the top over the belt to create a whole new shape, which proves you don't need to spend a
ton to reinvent your wardrobe if you're getting bored.I am planning on wearing it to all looming Christmas parties...

And now for something completely different.
(I love Monty Python)

I absolutely loooove these sneaks, so when I saw them on the Pastry website on the hunt for items to go on my birthday wish list, I knew they were the only ones for me. The houndstooth checks will go amazingly with the jacket I'm working on. Actually they aren't something I would typically wear (I usually go for things a little more high-fashion and a heel is usually also required) but their all-out girliness with a twist had me hooked from the moment I saw them. I think they would go well with a metallic tulip skirt over acid-green tights and with a cropped classic trench coat. Tell me what you think!

Moving right along.... to halloween, my favorite holiday. Here are some photos I edited in honour of that special day... And yes they are of me. That's all for today, folks... but there'll be more soon. Hope you enjoyed today's post! xoxoxo Emma

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