Friday, 5 February 2010

Some Amazing Gowns. AND my own prejudice against extreme side partings

Hi there good morning good morning. I mean good evening. Hehee...
I am meant to me doing my physics hw but this is a lot more interesting! REBEL REBEL ME.

It's a Friday evening and I am Bored. Again, capital B. So..... here's some cool stuff.

I played a little game with myself where I typed the first designer that pooped into my head into the Google images search bar... which yielded some interesting results that will, I guarantee, make you positively swoon.

Very cool, no? By the way, in case you hadn't guessed, this was the one and only Oscar de la Renta. If you are not familiar with his stuff, he is basically everywhere you see a ginormous tulle ballgown. I really like the lemon yellow dress, its wearable but makes a statement. But even if it WERE a lemon pop-coloured ball-gown I would still wear it to my local pub without a second thought. Pah. Take that, Hollister. Also love the silk kimono-ish suits -- they look like they're comfy enough to go to sleep in and indescribably cool enough to wear to the Met Ball. I wouldn't, but no one would scrutinize me like complete strangers do when I show up on the street wearing my vintage Sex Pistols tee paired with a metallic-floral print skirt. Pah. Losers. In jeggings, Uggs and extreme side partings which makes it look as if their hair were sliding off their heads. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
No, the dress I would wear to the Met Ball if I were invited would look something like this.

But until then, I'll just have to wow 'em at prom.
x E


  1. if i had one of those viktor & rolf tulle cutout gowns, i would never take it off. ever.


    following now, follow me?

  2. heey thanks for following!

    umm i made my header with photoshop - cutout fonts and alexander mcqueen print scans


  3. hah wicked i'm too much of a computer dud to do that... you have tons of followers! Lucky! ;)