Thursday, 4 February 2010

Not blogged for a couple dayses, sorry about that, I have a Bio test (arghgggg who cares about microbes??? NOT ME!! NOT ME AT ALL!!).... Anyway, I was going to upload a video of the YSL ss10 because.... its Scary with a capital S (no, not a typo). The clothes are okay, but nothing special -- basically a revisitation of stuff from M. Laurent's eighties archives, but hey. I don't suppose I'm in much of a position to protest, me being an 'amateur', but seeing as practically no one is gonna read this I might as well insult everyone I can before anyone hears about me. Only kidding.... hahahahaha..... ahem. Moving right along...
I can't figure out how to upload videos, its so depressing!! I REALLY wanna show you guys the scary models. Because that's why I wanted to put the vid up -- not because of the less-than-stunning designs, but because of the models expressions and stances. And and this point I am going to launch into a tirade of a rant about how...
Models are basically considered by many women to be considered perfection; the epitome of womanhood: skinny, beautiful (mostly) and leggy. They think this is sexy (which, really ladies, it isn't -- sure, models look good, but who wants to hug an oversized stick insect? Even grosser than microbes!) So if models are looking really, well, EVIL and very very unhappy, what kind of message is that gonna send? So now we have to be grumpy as well as skinny?
Its not as serious as the eating disorders on the runway, but it still bothers me. And I'm not going to go out looking as if I wanna beat someone to a pulp just 'cause I saw it on the YSL runway.
Until then, here's the link:

IF I ever fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a designer, my models better smile. I will MAKE them smile.
But here are my awesome custom-designed sneakers by NIKEiD!! They even say my name...

Sorry about the blurriness, I have a crappy camera. THE crappy camera of crappy cameras.

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  1. haaaahhah my friend ordered some of those! but when he got them in the mail he lost one of them, never to be found again...