Thursday, 11 February 2010

Recessionista baby. Dad's old jeans jacket

Hi. Pictures ---->

Forgot to tell you about me going shopping on Saturday!!!!!!! As in last Saturday. I bought some wicked gunmetal cords -- yes I know cords are usually dumb but I so assure thee these are not! -- and these gorgeous dark flares.

I will have these glasses. I WILL. MINE SUCK I WANT THESE AND THE UNIVERSE WILL IMPLODE IF I DON"T GET THEM. I shall fling myself off a bridge.

OH MY GOD. Just found out that Alexander McQueen died.

Sorry, I don't feel like blogging anymore.


  1. yes isn't it so sad. Bittersweet moment is that they will keep the line running.

  2. Such A lovely pictures and i like your leans jacket looking too much attractive ....

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  3. Ha thanks! Id completely forgotten about this post... it seems like ages ago, when it wasn't, really.