Monday, 1 November 2010

Stuff That Inspires (tackydom)

An opportunity for you to rest your eyes and brain and not have to process words. Gaze here at beautiful images. And also, I'm trying to blog more... lets see if that works out.

Lady Behave from VulpineVideo on Vimeo.

Film courtesy of Bella Freud's website. I wanna go to that etiquette school.

Lindsey Wixson as Bébé (

Eniko Mihalik photographed by Derek Kettela

Joan Jett. Duh.

Bottega Veneta ss11 ready-to-wear

Monarch butterflies at night, courtesy of 'Monarch Guide- Enjoying and Conserving Monarchs
and their Habitats'

Valentino ss11 ready-to-wear

Alexander Wang ss11 ready-to-wear

Galliano ss11 ready-to-wear

Kenzo ss11 ready-to-wear

I'll do a Halloween post at a later date. Meaning, tomorrow or the next day.
Hope you likey.

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