Thursday, 28 October 2010


Hi, sorry about the delay. I was taking an extended vacation from all obligation, which I think is acceptable, right?
Anyway, I thought yesterday after watching Gossip Girl about how much I had missed and shuddered, so now I am back at mon ordinateur for an update, and these are my findings.
And by the way, I know I haven't posted any of my own outfits in positively aaaaaages, so I'll see if I can do that, but my camera is stone age, so don't get your hopes up. Naw, just kidding. But I still hate my camera.
I had a browse on

This is Wunderkind ss11. It is also the most amazing collection ever, although I overuse that phrase to the point that you should just ignore whenever I say/type it.
But seriously, they're cherries. CHERRIES. Printed on chiffon. How much more adorable can you get? I also love the cute Dutch-maid hair, even though its kinda strange, in a good way.
But, you'll notice, as you have probably noticed my obsession for Lolita-esque clothes with a tough undertone, that these garments are exactly that. The cherry chiffon is layered with shades of gray, making it bittersweet, and the shapes alternate between flirty 50s-style circle dresses and loose, tomboyish getups, and also tight, structured trousers, amongst other things.
The layering is not always present, but it reminds me of a beautiful image in the Friedrich Christian Flick art collection, which I'll see if I can fit into this post.
There are variations in the attitude of the clothes: some are pure, childish, buttercream sweetness, whilst others are much more mature, sharp and hard-edged.

This is one of the latter.
The collection then progresses to psychedelic bright blooms (as seen above) on all manner of backgrounds.The shapes become less floaty and more edgy, incorporating a myriad of fabrics into the mix in true Wunderkind spirit, giving the second part of the collection a more pronounced modernity. The prints also become progressively darker, and power-suit shapes start to creep in. I'm still partial to the cherries, though.

I think this has been my favorite collection in the past 3 months -- it has absolutely everything I love, from cherries, flowers and chiffon to "BOOOM get out the way" shapes.
And another thing on the spatial aspect of this whole affair:
There's something about the pairing of a sharply tailored jacket, a voluminous mini and sky scraper heels.... which is why I think this is the piece with the most attitude and fearlessness in the whole dang thing.

Maybe its about stylizing the human figure, or the instant masculinity of the shoulders (not that I'm saying that men are more powerful than women -- HELL no!)... maybe its just the whole darn amazingness of... everything!! GAHH I'M OVERWHELMED

PS. The lace up shoes are pretty awesome also, and the color of the aforementioned jacket is the absolute epitome of pulchritude. I was gonna do Mohapatra ss11 too, but I'll do that tomorrow.


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