Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Halloween (Late)

What's shakin', bacon?
Here's my late, thrown-cobbled-together Halloween post which includes some barely Halloween-themed crap that I found fabulous.
To begin with the obvious, here are some pictures of my costume and my EPIC jackolantern.
Did you take a hint from that last post as to what I dressed up as?
It was the random picture which didn't really fit in style-wise with all the rest....
You know... maybe my costume worked well enough that you can guess. The hair wasn't completely accurate, but very fun to wear.

Still not got it? Ok, if you don't get it after this, you are probably either an infant, a lobotomy patient or dead. And I do have my right arm, although it might not be immediately obvious. The jacket was my dads. Ergo, massive.

Are we clear? Ok. I'm glad you're not dead. So, that was great, even though no one in this brain-dead suburb actually knew who I was. Such is the plight of the music-lover. At least I wasn't Pavarotti.
Here are some of my other photos.

Chiswick by night -- quite beautiful in a coked-out, fuzzy sort of way. At least, this picture is. I'm kinda obsessed with flash-at-night photos... they're so mysterious...

My aforementioned amazing jackolantern -- its Marylin. She's even got the smoldering thing going on.

Just thought I'd through this in -- a picture I took for a school photography competition. The theme? Food. That, my friend, is a fruit pastille, and some odd-looking constructions were required to keep the light at that angle.
I actually had kind of a dumb Halloween. I got sick in the middle of the sleepover I was attending, so, suffocating on the smell of garlic bread and Sour Gummy Worms, I went home, but not before nabbing the hosts "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Yes, I'm a nerd. Shut up. Nerds are RAD.So, I didn't get much trick-or-treating done, but my bro had a ton of candy which I proceeded to help myself to (when the bout of illness had passed). Such stealth. Thank God he doesn't go near this blog.
Loving this shot of Eniko Mihalik for i-D magazine (in Jil Sander dress). The dress material is amazing. I'm really loving dresses in particular at the moment mainly because you can through them on and look amazing without giving too much thought to the look. The juxtaposition of textures and the slightly wild, unraveled feel is astoundifying. Yes, I know that isn't actually a word, but sometimes one must reach into the realm of the nonexistent to describe something so awesome without cussing. Trust me, its hard. Like also that she isn't put together at all. I love a bit of gamine, wild-eyed, delicious craziness to everything. Plus the colour... this takes it to a whole new level.
Amazing triptych aspect, gorgeous vĂȘtements, spectacular lighting. From i-D.

Until next time,

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