Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's Gonna Be a Dark Summer

Let's let the clothes speak for themselves.


These were just the first droplets of the wave of chic-grungy 90s girl fashions that washed over runways this season. I was pretty surprised to see that the designers had gone dark for summer (yes, I know it is technically a/w, but who can wait three months to wear these beauties?), and I was kinda looking forward to all the typical brights and prints the season usually has to offer, but it seems the sartorial world has nimbly avoided carrying on the stereotypes that summer should be bright and poppy. I'm sure there are other designers that have done the bright summer thing, but I'm having a dark moment here.By the way, doesn't Karlie look adorable in the first shot? I love that girl.
Lets do some Proenza Schouler -- but I couldn't help adding in last season's collection, 'cause its one of my favorites ever.

If I could pick any collection in the fashion world that I could own, it would have to be the Spring 10 Proenza Schouler.... guess what, my favorite color is aquamarine, and I love the fitted long sleeved tops -- they remind me of happier days spent kayaking, back when I could walk and run properly, and Stinson Beach back in California. We used to torture crabs there. Ah, blissful youth.But back to the more up-to-date Schouler collection -- I love the way it retains the same essence that Jack and Lazaro always have in their collection, but I would definitely say the PS girl has gone north for the winter -- to New York, in fact. I would know -- I was just there a few weeks ago, where I bought (and lost, and promptly re-commissioned Mom's friend Jan to buy -- thanks Jan!) this fantastic ring.

See how it sparkles and gleams. Anyway, I am loving the tiny pleats - I have always loved pleats. They just add an instant dose of put-togetherness to an outfit, or you can make them Vivienne Westwood punk if you have plaid stuff. Coincidentally, I recently finished a peplum jacket in the exact shade of green the models are wearing. Wow, I'm psychic.

And now to pay a visit to Richard Chai, fashion's current tomboy.
Well, tomboy isn't really the right word. He is a guy, but his womens' collections are very gamine and very, very cool. See for yourself, if you haven't already.

See, this is why I am so obsessed with fashion. There are some garments that, if combined perfectly, form an awesome look. And then there are garments which form a look no matter how you throw them together. These are some rare specimens of the latter, and are also very New York. Usually I like to see at least some form of high heel in a collection, but I am loving the boots, and even if he had included heels, the styling would have been perfection. Really, how can you go wrong with pieces that are superbly made, classy and cool? The answer is you can't. You simply CAN'T.
Did I mention how much I loved the hair in Alexander Wang? Its just so....... shiny!! And beautiful!! And perfect!! There really is no other way to describe it. Gee, I'm so eloquent... not.
And on to my next topic: Cynthia Rowley for Roxy. Finally, something that I can wear on land and in my kayak. Just LOOK.

I just... love it. To quote Cynthia, "We wanted this collection to have everything you need for a weekend -- both on and off the beach -- while still making it fit into your canvas duffel bag, so you can just toss everything in and go." Truer words have never been spoken. The collection also includes round sunglasses, neoprene ballet flats and surf-inspired board shorts that can be paired with anything from heels to Kelly bags.

So that's my inspiration for summer vacation -- New York, tomboy, surfing, tight/brights, also a dark palette for the city, and late 90s...

Must go and study -- it's end-of-year exam season.

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