Sunday, 14 March 2010


Isn't it a coincidence that this is my favourite Alexander McQueen collection ever -- but its his last ever? Does that make me a bad person? Probably only if I ask Karl Lagerfeld to die. Anyway.

This reminds me of a skewed Jackson Pollock painting. However, the colours are reminiscent of the opulent court of Louis the Fourteenth -- gold and brocade prints. The cut, especially the shoulder piece, reminds me a bit of a Lanvin cocktail dress I saw once in a magazine -- not that I'm accusing you of plagiarizing, Mr. McQueen -- but the dizzying print and ruching are all McQueen. THE HEADDRESS IS AMAZING. I love it. Its like something a 17th century Lady Gaga would wear. ( Funny, if she would have existed then she would probably actually have been a Lady by status.)This piece reminds me of something a Tsarina would wear to the Brixton clubs. Look at those shoes. If the model ever got mugged in the street wearing those, I'd feel real bad for the mugger.
Whats weird is that when you look closely, you can see that the gold embroidery is actually oriental. Well, I hear you cry, So much for the Tsarina theory? No, I think it just goes to show how many facets this diamond of a design has, and how McQueen has managed to not make them mutually exclusive. Genius.
And there's that awesome headdress again. That would turn some heads if I wore it to the 3D showing of Alice in Wonderland I'm seeing today. Like, "Look, its and even madder Hatter!"
Or maybe even the rabbit.Wow, my friend Alice would love this -- I swear she should have been born in a Jane Austen novel. The sculpted bodice, the skirt (it reminds me kinda of a wilted Calla lily -- in a good way),
the thick collar and and the delicately puffed shoulders -- Emma Woodhouse would wear this to the theatre in Bangkok. Maybe minus the gold swimming cap.
And also, think she looks like butter wouldn't melt? Well don't look at her decolletée.Whoa, Calla lily skirt alert. This is even the same colour. LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS. Not really something I would have expected from the British Bad Boy of Fashion, but it ticks all the McQueen boxes: a hypnotic print, an unusually structured shape, and a computerized, symmetrical bodice. I must say, this is the one which really won me over and convinced me that this is the most amazing collection EVER. That a designer with such a recognizable style could design something so unlike what he usually does -- in this case ruched and structured minidresses -- and yet so instantly recognizable as his work. Stunning.


If a Phoenix were reincarnated as a dress, this would be it. A form-fitting, elongated jacket made of golden feathers, and underneath that, a swinging, rustling mass of cream netting, shooting out like a plume of smoke embroidered with delicate gold thread? What more could a McQueen girl -- or even a McQueen Phoenix -- want? Just look at the collar. Something about that jacket reminds me of a knight in shining (gold) armour. The amazing thing about this combo is that it has so many influences. In the feathers, there is the unmistakable influence of nature, in the shoulders that of a modern business suit, in the fitted, long bodice that of a 1920s flapper outfit, complete with the headdress. The whole thing puts me in mind of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind, after a Ball, wearing her boyfriend's jacket over her gown because she's cold.

Just pointing out the headdress. Again.

So, after reviewing these prime specimens and examples of McQueen-type genius, I have come to the following conclusion:
Designers, strive to be like McQueen in his creativity and his playfulness with materials, shapes and headdresses. I'm not saying copy his designs, but look to his archives for, well, not inspiration, but if you want pure fashion bliss, that is where you should look.
And for the rest of us, do not hesitate to claw your way to the front of the line to get your hands on one of the beauties. Amen.

To finish on a lighter note, here's the videos of the scary-looking YSL models I ranted about a few months ago.

I actually quite like the clothes -- just not the models faces.

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