Friday, 18 June 2010

Stuff I love right now (in pictures)


OK, so this was gonna be just in pictures. But I lied because most of the stuff in here is just too awesome not to talk about. Plus, because of an upcoming piano exam i have been way too stressed out to blog and I had forgotten how fun it is once you, y'know, get into it.

I really hope I never have to use that phrase again.

So lets start with the Bottega Veneta. Because it embodies everything I look for in fashion. It is unmistakeably high fashion, and yet you could totally wear any of the pieces out (well, maybe with a little layering in the bathing suit pieces? Unless you're Lady Gaga, in which case fine, do your thing). Another thing that's really cool is that the collection has a hint of the 50s in it.I mean, come on. The yellow ruffled dress? How could you not notice? God, what is wrong with you?

(Insert smiley face here)

Anyhoo, when you look at the detailing around the neckline and the collar (well, really just the shape of it) there is definitely something futuristic about the pieces. Its also revealed in the all-white uniform of a lot of the models and some of the pieces feature asymmetrical wrap-like cuts (the belted hotpants/tankini-thing combo. Which I love, don't get me wrong just because I don't really... know..... what to call it)
And, man, will you look at the corseting? How do they do it?? HOW?!?!? How do they incorporate so many individual themes into a single collection? See, this is the thing I'm struggling with. I try to keep my sketches more or less based on the same themes so they form a kind of "collection", but then they always end up being all over the place and one is a Victorian ballgown and the other is an all-white bodysuit. But anyway. Here are my themes:

-Sporty/Scuba (neoprene and stuff.. I LOVE NEOPRENE)
-Menswear ('cause you can dress it up or down and wear it anywhere)
-50s/early 60s

And this is why I love these collections so much. And I am not copying them, so don't give me that look. That evil cyber-look you're giving me. Yeah, that one. Right THERE.

Moving right along, yeah, I picked those three collections because they were my absolute favourites among spring/summer collections this year. What I wouldn't give to be able to afford one of those stunning tankini things. NOTHING, I tell you. NOTHING IS THE ANSWER. And the Proenza Schouler is cool... the stretchy tops are a little like last season's Versace minidresses. Needless to say, I adored them.

Rodarte, Lady G and Joy Division are on my magic list because they simply rock.
And thanks,, for the photos.
And in a couple days (or weeks -- who knows?) I will post the sketches that I mentioned earlier... the ones that don't really go together, but I think they're still kinda good, if I do say so myself. I'll work on that. And I need to get some nice red lipstick that doesn't look too gaudy.
(ChellBellz, if you're listening, this is your time to shine.)

Until next time.

PS. WAIT!! WAAITT!!!! I forgot something!

Ok, BYE.

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