Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hello From Sunny Florida

Well, not really. I got back two+ weeks ago. But I really REALLY enjoyed the opportunity for wearing summer dresses and the like. My favourite example:

That's me holding a turtle, by the way. Only in Florida would one find a turtle just chillin' like a villain (as the kids nowadays say) in the middle of a road. So we rescued him/her (didn't want to check which, really.)

So. Maybe we should depart from turtles, cute and masochistic as they may be, and focus on this dress of mine. Here is a close-up of the print -- sea shells and weird amorphous coral. What I like most is the colour, though. I spent about three days trying to describe its colour... coral is just too.... much of an understatement. Its more like.... flamingo-fed-with-aqueous-bromine-infused-shrimp.
Or a Floridian sunset.

Or the flowers on this beautiful tree.

But I will allow coral.
Plus, I'm really feeling summer dresses now because its spring, and there is nothing more pleasant than a British spring, I daresay, and so I'm happy (if you overlook the fact that exams are right round the corner... ick) so I'm wearing happy colours. Cause and effect. Think St. Thomas Aquinas would be proud?
No. I don't think he would be. Ignore that.

I was also inspired by my grandma's very glamourous 50s getups I found while flipping through some old photo albums (also an inspiration for the summer dresses). They. Were. Awesome.

My Gram is the one in the dark dress.
Quod erat demonstrandum. In the words of the immortal Dr. Gregory House, "See, I use Latin because I'm an ass." But I'm not really... House is, see, not me... I give up.
Anyhoo, I inherited one of her home made dresses and a number of other garments, which I shall post in good time.


-- All photos by me, and taken in Florida (which by the way is not at all a real fashion hot spot, and you know that, but I'm not gonna say anything mean about anyone's home state.)

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