Friday, 2 July 2010


Here. Look, listen and hate yourself that you aren't a genius like ol' Miuccia here.

The shoes. The shoes, the shoes the shoes the shoes THE SHOES. They are bright and have a great print and they are sky high. And so how could I not absolutely adore them. Foot candy, man. I tell you, there is no way a human couldn't love them, unless you are one of those annoying sophisticated people who give everyone who sees them an inferiority complex and wear nothing but black Manolos and dark Topshop biker clothes and shun Vogue magazine because its too "mainstream".
God. Please get over yourselves. Yes, you, Taylor Momsen.Anyhoo, wherein doth the true genius of the fashion lie? The eye-popping print and nude combo, if you ask me. And the bangles: do I even have to explain? Yes? Ok, fine, I just want to ramble on about them now. Although there isn't really much to say apart from..... MY PREEECIOUSSS........

The thing I love about Miu Miu (which is this here brand I'm talking about, in case you're a bit slow on the uptake) is that it is unashamedly girly. She don't listen to the tuts of the likes of people who think that black stuff is better than sparkly stuff. Cause they're just plain crazy. What is the point of going to fashion week or whatever if all you do is criticize the good stuff and go back to burrow in the Topshop Moto racks? I don't have anyone particular in mind, by the way. My irritation at Balmainettes is merely coming to a climax.

Another pair of stunning shoes. And bangles. And EVERYTHING. God, those bangles. We WANTS it. Again, the creamy neutral colour of the skirt suit is played up by the supreme over-the-topness of the other colours. And I am now going to use a word which I hate using. Because it is infuriatingly stereotypical and portrays that teen mall-girl attitude towards fashion that we so hate. Dare I say it, the clothes are CUTE. But, hey, wait, before you close this browser window with the rapidity of a speeding bullet, its a good kind of cute. Like, these kiddos don't care about what people think of them, from their clothes to their behaviour. They're not worried about jumping around in fruit-printed rompers and having people think, "These girls need to grow up" (nod to the teachers at school there) or "Why are they so disturbingly happy? God, my life sucks" or "I think they're just fashion-conscious lesbians, honey." It isn't just the clothes that are so undeniably fabulous, its the attitude. See, people used to think that attitude was wearing 'edgy' (goth) and 'sexy' (skanky) clothes and looking moody and nonchalant and lounging on the streets of Paris. But I can not stress how much I mightily disagree just now. This is the new summer attitude: bouncy, warm, giddy and ferociously girly.

By the way, a note on hair and beauty. This is almost EXACTLY what I want to look like when I head to the beaches of Europe this summer. Enormous swooshy poofy hair. Kinda like big golden clouds. And really girly sparkly makeup in bright colours, but maybe a little toned down. Because people like me just can't wear too much makeup without looking like pantomime drag queens (Mom says its because I'm naturally beautiful, but that's crap. I just have awkwardly shaped features. Well. Sorta. I kinda hope I don't actually and that its just me)

And by the way, lookin' goooood, Lindsey Wixson. (She's the one on the right with the slightly gappy teeth. Sorry.) Seriously, though, this girl I do adore. She is just such a well-deserved break from Agyness Deyn and stuff. Just look at her. Who could resist that face? She looks like a li'l cherry. A really, really tall cherry. And I'm sorry, and I do love you Georgia-May Jagger, but she's prettier than you.

This would conclude this post. Be assured that I am still in raptures about this collection but if I say anymore I shall go on all night. And can I just say that I loved that spring/summer collection of Miu's too. Its the spring equivalent of this collection and I was all over it. it if you don't know what I'm talkin' bout. And also I'm loving wetsuit-inspired bikinis like this one by Lisa Marie Fernandez.

More on that later.

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  1. I'm in love with all the freaking shoes! Especially those Red Wedgie things.